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Need a Site Waste Management Plan?

Here at 247 Skips, we can provide you with a Comprehensive, Professional Site Waste Management Plan.

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Whether you’re new to site management or have been in the game for a while, it’s handy to know about the rules and regs concerning Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP’s).

They’ve been a legal requirement since 6th April 2008 on all UK projects valued at £300K (Exc. VAT) or more, with additional requirements in place for projects with a value of £500K (Exc. VAT) or more.

Site Waste Management Plans have been introduced to make the responsible management of waste more important to both construction and demolition sites with a focus on promoting environmental sustainability. The SWMP regulations place the responsibility for the production of the plan with the client; who must produce it before the project is started. This is an important point to remember as there are fines in place for clients and principle contractors that start a project without a Site Waste Management Plan.

To get your Site Waste Management Plans taken care of, give one of our team a call now on 0333 7007 247.

What your SWMP must include:

  • The types of waste that will be generated
  • And how that waste will be managed
  • Which contractors will be used (these will be checked for legitimacy)
  • A structure for on-site communication and training (all employees must be aware of SWMP)
  • Estimated waste levels (to ensure the plan is suitable)
  • Post project completion review (assessing efficiency, accuracy and areas of improvement).

  • As with most things in life, you can get someone else to take care of your SWMP from start to finish. There are an increasing number of Companies offering services, including our own specialists, here at 247 Skips. If you fancy it, we can make sure your SWMP ticks all the boxes, streamlines your waste management and potentially increase your profit margin through the sale of recyclate and the reduction of your Aggregates Levy.

    A Site Waste Management Plan is in place to ensure that all parties are involved in systematic waste management at all stages of your project.

    The idea is to:

  • Manage risks relating to materials and waste on-site
  • Raise the profile of responsible waste management
  • Meet the requirements of quality and environmental systems (e.g. EMS, ISO 14001)
  • Reduce waste levels
  • Eliminate fly-tipping
  • Increase recycling

  • Implementing your SWMP through 247 Skips ensures your project is fully compliant with both the Landfill Directive and Hazardous Waste Directive, which helps you fulfil your Duty of Care responsibilities. To find out more about SWMP’s or to get your’s started today, give one of our specialists a call now on 0333 7007 247.